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Péntek, 2018.Feb.23
Főoldal » 2011 » Április » 21 » RISING FREE Antivirus
Remek vírusirtó szoftver sok eszközzel.
A RISING FREE Antivirus valós idejű vírusvédelemmel van ellátva
és sok típusú vírust és kémprogramot felismer.

Kategória: Szoftverek | Megtekintések száma: 906 | Hozzáadta:: DjRG | Címkék (kulcsszavak): ingyenesen, letölthető, valós, vírusirtó, védelem, Free, rising, idejű, antivirus, kémprogramok | Helyezés: 0.0/0
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1 Nicho   (2012.Már.12 00:09)
that the program had been eawnlooddd, I had used it and that the service agreement I had signed said that it would not be restored if it had been used . The agent said we can not give a refund . I even lodged a complaint my state's Consumer Protection Board who got the same non-functional info Panda had given me. I did not have a second of use for my $30, and Panda didn't even have the decency to offer a discount coupon. Instead the customer service became abusive and threatened to hang up on me. This company has nothing but contempt for its customers, and is running a racket its downloads. If you buy, pray that your copy never becomes corrupted, or incompatible anything else normally in use, if it does, you are out of luck.Help other customers find the most helpful reviews. Was this review helpful to you?

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