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Vasárnap, 2018.Már.18
Főoldal » 2011 » Április » 17 » Online játék ajánló 2011 Április
Online játék ajánló 2011 Április
E havi játék ajánlatunk a Warzone, amely egy Tower Defense stílusú játék kicsit modern eszközökkel.
Játék indítása!
Megtekintések száma: 265 | Hozzáadta:: DjRG | Címkék (kulcsszavak): ingyenes, onlie, játékok, Defense, Tower, warzone | Helyezés: 0.0/0
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1 roel   (2012.Már.12 10:35)
Minecraft code is just unoptimized.(Warning: The ofilowlng is only educated guesses based on very conclusive observations (standing in the middle of a plane of particle generators VS. standing on the edge VS. being far away))Simple test: stand in the middle of a massive field of torches, and watch the F3 memory usage readout.It will climb by multiple MB each second, until the garbage collector finally decides to step in, and it will drop by a hundred or so.Each MB is a massive number of particle objects, created only to be discarded a second or two later, forcing the system to constantly search out free memory, memory which is only eventually freed for reuse.I would assume that the RP2 CPU would probably keep the same objects/memory the entire time, removing one massive slowdown, though providing a seperate one, as it would actually need processing time for something worthwhile.

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